A Pinoy Tradition

Pinoy tradition was always a large part of my life growing up. My Tita is Bisayan and grew up in Cebu. I remember visiting her house everyday and being welcomed by dozens of fans of all varieties, the smell of dried fish on the table, and the sound of The Filipino Channel. My favorite part about visiting my Tita was all the stories she told of her home. Stories of fresh fish, beautiful oceans, her dream of owning her own Jeepney business, and Pasko (Christmas) traditions. I will never forget the day my Tita first showed me her parol. It was a white native design decorated with blue flowers and was very delicate. She held a look of pure pride while hanging it up, and explained how lucky she was to have one being how hard they are to find in the US. My Tita’s longing for a small piece of home during the holiday season inspired me to make parol more accessible to all Kababayans. It is our dream that everyone can have a piece of home during the holidays. With the help of my Tita, her family in the Philippines, and the talented artisans of Pampanga, our dream is coming true.

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